Running a Masternode

Masternodes are at the core of the Terra-Credit ecosystem. These incentivized nodes receive rewards based on their availability and their contributions to the network’s security. Masternodes are more popular than ever in the crypto sector because they enable additional functionality and efficiency.

Running a Masternode 

Running a Masternode is easy and anyone can do it. You just need to meet some criteria to join the network as a Masternode. Masternodes are required to stake 50,000 CREDIT. This CREDIT functions as the collateral for your masternode. If a node were to introduce nefarious data, they would lose their 50,000 CREDIT. This strategy ensures only dependable nodes live on the network.

Masternodes gain the ability to vote on budget and development proposals. Proposals they approve then receive funding from the DAO automatically. Consequently, Masternodes are a critical part of the Terra-Credit ecosystem. Also, masternodes receive slightly higher rewards for their efforts.


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