The Credit Universe

Credit is the LOW COST decentralized smartchain that is designed with scalability in mind. Our Solidity based smartcontracts make DeFi & NFT virtually free.

Block Reward
about credit

decentralized autonomous organisation

TerraCredit DAO was launched in August 2020 and continues to this day in Credit’s third instance. A community supported, governed and delegated blockchain that ensures the highest level of decentralization. We keep the fee’s low and reward the nodes who support the network through block rewards. It’s very easy to participate in the delegation of our blockchain.

ethereum virtual machine

The TerraCredit network supports the creation of CRC20 smartcontracts. Using EVM and x86 VM we are able to provide and instantly compatible environment where all CRC20 bytecode can exist and function in a much faster and more cost effective blockchain. Defi, NFT and any other type of ERC20 token can be submitted to the Credit network in minutes , for less than $0.01


Our wallets are some of the most advanced in the world, including : Terrabit, our very own decentralized wallet and exchange delivered in a neat little app. Staking is a primary feature of any Credit wallet and multiple options are available, including cold staking as well as superstakers. Proof of stake uses no additional electricity and our wallets represent the future of cryptocurrencies that have no impact on the environment.


The TerraCredit community stands out globally for one thing, apart for being large with over 100,000 users globally, Credit holders are amongst some of the newest crypto users. Credit is a passport to decentralization and our work in the offline communities is key to mass adoption, which is one of the founding principals of TerraCredit. Our platform is built around our users, for many reasons the community are the project, the leaders and role players are merely members who have contributed enough to play a higher role of service to the project. There is an open door policy anyone can join us.


TerraCredit was conceptualized in 2014 and eventually launched in 2018 on a live blockchain. Credit 1.0 at its peak benefited from over 20,000 solo POS based full node stakers. Since then our network has continued to grow as much as it has changed and includes over 500 master nodes. Terrabit is our decentralized app based wallet and exchange, it has thousands of users staking Credit on their mobiles. Our blockchain is immune to attack through massive global decentralization developed of the last 3 years.


TerraCredit has been traded in the global market since 2019 and have a gross trade volume of over $37,000,000.00 since then. Available for purchase from multiple centralized and decentralized exchanges, Credit has always benefited from making access available to fiat users and new comers to cryptocurrency. A mixture of good exchange partners and fiat processing partners makes Credit a coin with global appeal, one that is highly liquid, easy to use and offers advanced functionality. Also well know for being cost effective to use, Credit has thousands of traders all over the world.

get started

All Credit wallets are free and offer a range of advanced features. Web and app access as well as hardware specific options are available. To begin your journey with Credit simply chose the wallet or wallets that suit you best.


┬áThe Credit blockchain offers a smart layer of distributed networking that allows anyone to create a CRC20 smartcontract. Credit Request for Comment 20 is the framework used to create tokens, dapps, defi and NFT’s on the Credit blockchain. CRC20 tokens work identically and 100% compatible with ERC20 tokens. You can easily replicate your token on our blockchain in minutes.

Web wallet

The web wallet is our flagship decentralized web and app based wallet. It allows for storage of Credit and offers full feature use of the Credit blockchain. It has support for CRC20 tokens built in, including a codeless token generator. You can also mint NFT’s directly from the wallet and develop advanced smartcontracts using the integrated functions.


There are many CRC20 tokens and more are being created every day. Defi and NFT tokens are on the rise and very popular globally. The Credit blockchain offers developers a more cost effective and faster network that is never bogged down by sky rocketing Gas fee’s. Consulting service is available for existing projects who want to migrate or connect to the Credit blockchain.