Reward System

Stake and Earn


There are numerous ways for someone to participate in the Terra-Credit ecosystem and earn rewards. Similar to most blockchain networks, rewards are given to those that help secure or advance the blockchain. Terra-Credit is unique because anyone can earn rewards simply for participating. Specifically here are the three ways to gain some bonus CREDIT:

Method 1 – Running a Masternode

Running a Masternode is one of the best ways to participate in Terra. You need to stake 50,000 CREDIT to become a masternode. Additionally, a little technical knowledge will assist you during the setup procedure.

Method 2 – Stake Your CREDIT

The next best way to participate in the Terra-Credit ecosystem is by staking your CREDIT. Unlike the competition, there is no minimum requirement to activate staking. You just need to keep your coins in your wallet and your wallet active to begin earning CREDIT today.

Method 3 – Helping Out

There is also a third way that someone can earn reward CREDIT in the community. You can donate your time or knowledge to the project. There are multiple areas that the Terra-Credit platform seeks to expand. These areas include development, marketing, and more. Simply contact Terra-Credit on one of our social media platforms to get involved today.

How Much CREDIT Should I Expect to Make?

The Terra-Credit platform utilizes a fair amount of randomness to eliminate centralization. These fluctuations make it difficult to say exact reward amounts at regular intervals. Instead, you can estimate that masternodes receive rewards every 2 days. However, this time can lengthen or shorten depending on the number of masternodes operating within the network.

In general, most stakers receive rewards every 30 days. However, due to the randomness of the system, it’s possible to go 20 days without a reward, or even to receive two rewards in one day.

How Much CREDIT is Created, and How is it Distributed?

Twenty new CREDIT mint every time a block of transactions receives confirmation. These confirmations occur roughly every 60 seconds. Notably, these new CREDIT are automatically split into three accounts.

The first account functions as a pool that is used to fund the growth of the Terra ecosystem. This is the funding that goes towards advancing proposals passed by the masternodes. The second account divides the deposit between stakers and masternodes.


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