Advanced Technologies

Unique Features


Anonymous Transactions

Terra-Credit enables a true anonymous Peer-To-Peer economy


Terra-Credit Leverages a community-driven approach to governance

Higher ROI

Terra-Credit has the potential to provide investors a higher profitability percentage compared to other digital currencies that rely on masternodes

Low Fees

Terra-Credit has the lowest transaction fees available. Send CREDIT internationally for under a cent.


Terra-Credit trades on multiple exchanges including Hotbit, Bitforex and Sikix.


Terra-Credit will not host an ICO. Instead, Pre-mined coins will be publicly burned


Terra-Credit provides a highly responsive, driven, and dedicated team of developers


Terra-Credit is Based on Bitcoin 0.10.x core making it more advanced than its predecessors


Terra-Credit encompasses an active community across multiple social networking sites


Blackcoin PoS 3.0

Terra-Credit incorporates Blackcoin’s Proof of Stake 3.0 protocol to improve functionality and security


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