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A decentralized, open source smart blockchain the supports CRC20 and CRC721 smartcontracts, supported by a global team of dedicated community members.


Our vision is to see Credit become the leading cryptocurrency in the
digital-economy. We see Credit as an infinitely scalable smartchain that offers unrivalled cost effectiveness. decentralization as well as infinite possibilities for businesses to start using smartcontracts in their day to day functions. We hope that the Credit platform will become a framework for decentralization.


The Credit team is on a mission, a mission that serves to promote the use decentralization is all things. Decentralization is much more than blockchains, its a new way of thinking. We seek to transform the world into a trustless, transparent and open source environment where immutability and true freedom maybe found. 


GAS is a major issue that is currently forcing an industry wide search for better alternatives. Transaction speeds are also an issue and the costs to improve speed are now unrealistic. This issue arises from a  lack of scalability, its more of an issue in terms of the cost rather then the speed of a transaction. This seems to be the fate of any EVM based smartchain that achieves a certain level of success.


Our supply, emission and gas fees are designed specifically to keep the cost of creating a basic CRC20 smartcontact under $1.00 and transactions fee’s under $0.01 for the foreseeable future. Our transaction speed is 7x faster than our competitors, like them we also use EVM and EVM86 to deliver CRC20 smartcontracts as popular protocols such as : ERC20 and BEP20.

We have a open "glass" door policy
anyone can join our team
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54b Peter Place, Bryanston
Johannesburg, 2021, South Africa

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