Terra Foundation has designed CREDIT, a decentralized Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency, to offer free and fast blockchain-based payments. CREDIT facilitates online and physical payments across different devices and is designed to be simple and relevant to anyone with a basic computer or smartphone.

At its core, CREDIT employs Proof of Stake (PoS) which allows any user to become a block producer. Several thousand CREDIT miners are already earning an income from supporting the CREDIT blockchain.

CREDIT is the answer to making cryptocurrency much more accessible and flexible for all.


We are on a mission to secure the future of cryptocurrency as a whole and introduce cryptocurrency into the lives of as many new users as possible. 

Our vision

The Terra Foundation’s ultimate vision is to see CREDIT become a leading cryptocurrency in the crypto economy. One that is functional, developed, widely used, driven by its users and adapting to their needs. 

A concept close to mind when creating CREDIT was Adoption. Adoption not only of CREDIT but all cryptocurrencies is important to ensure the advancement of financial systems towards decentralized blockchains.


The idea that started Terra began years ago and the development of CREDIT is 2 years in the making. We are very excited to share the future plans for CREDIT and to bring you up to date with the progress so far.

16 November 2018 – Complete

Initial commit to Github with the final working source code. Gensis block was mined and included a pre-mine of 30.4 Billion coins using Proof of Work.

18 November 2018 – Complete

The last PoW block was mined (Block height 10,000) and the blockchain switched to Proof of Stake only.

24 November 2018 – Complete

Windows, Linus, MAC and Raspbian GUI full node staking wallets compiled and uploaded to web for free download. 

4 December 2018 – Complete

Global Airdrop : Round 1 – Base reward 100,000 coins and unlimited referral of 5,000 per new user.

4 January 2019 – Complete

Global Airdrop : Round 2 – Base reward 90,000 coins and unlimited referral of 5,000 per new user. 

4 February 2019 – Complete

Global Airdop : Round 3 – Base reward 80,000 coins and unlimited referral of 5,000 per new user. 

6 February 2018 – Complete

Web based block explorer goes live, with full api. Includes: https://terra.credit

27 February 2018 – Complete

Bitcointalk Forum Announcement : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5114929.0 

29 February 2019 – Complete

Web based CRM setup, https://terra-hub.com (Social network which rewarded users with coins for all actions. Including referral of new users)

4 March 2019 – Complete

Global Airdop : Round 4 – Base reward 70,000 coins and unlimited referral of 5,000 per new user. 

4 April 2019 – Complete

Global Airdop : Round 5 – Base reward 60,000 coins and unlimited referral of 5,000 per new user. 

4 May 2019 – Complete

Global Airdop : Round 6 – Base reward 50,000 coins and unlimited referral of 5,000 per new user. 

27 May 2019 – Complete

Web and Android based wallet setup for mobile users, https://terra-wallet.com and https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=terrawallet.com.walletbeta&gl=ZA

4 June 2019 – Complete

Global Airdop : Round 7 – Base reward 40,000 coins and unlimited referral of 5,000 per new user. 

18 June 2019 – Complete

Credit (CREDIT) listed at Bitforex Exchange here https://bitforex.com/en/spot/credit_usdt

4 July 2019 – Complete

Global Airdop : Round 8 – Base reward 30,000 coins and unlimited referral of 5,000 per new user. 

28 July 2019 – Complete

Credit (CREDIT) listed as an official tracked asset on CoinMarketCap here https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/credit/

29 July 2019 – Complete

Terracex – Exchange launched (Which has grown into Terrabit) https://terra-bit.io 

4 August 2019 – Complete

Global Airdop : Round 9 – Base reward 20,000 coins and unlimited referral of 5,000 per new user. 

4 Septemeber 2019 – Complete

Global Airdop : Round 10 – Base reward 10,000 coins and unlimited referral of 1,500 per new user. 

4 October 2019 – Complete

Global Giveaway : Airdrop closes after 10 successful rounds, 380,000 users gained and 30B coins cliamed.

1 December 2019 – Complete

Credit (CREDIT) Celebrates 1 year of block production. 

1 December 2019 – Complete

Final distribution and KYC qualifications. Distribution is closed.

3 January 2020 – Complete

Terrabit launched as a web based platform that absorbed, TerraceX and Tellus-Pay with full functionality for users and merchants.

10 March 2020 – Complete

Terrabit –  Lite is launched in PlayStore : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.terrabitt&gl=ZA

13 April 2020 – Complete

TerraCredit new website is launched : https://terra-credit.com

1 May 2020 – Complete

Terrabit API Ticker Data Update for interacting with the exchange only for public market data.
The HTTP API allows read access to public market data through the public endpoint
Public HTTP Endpoint: https://app.terra-bit.io/api/public

30 June 2020 – Complete

Press Release : TerraCredit Hardfork Official Announcement, across all news and social media channels. All users are advised to deposit their coins to Terrabit or participating exchanges to ensure that their balance is swapped to the new chain between 4 – 7 August 2020.

30 June 2020 – Complete

Whitepaper major update with the pending Hardfork in mind. Update includes: Specifications and a lot of new features including anonymity, master nodes and more info on our fundraising activities that are planned for later in the year.

28 July 2020 – Complete

Terrabit celebrates its 1 year anniversary of trading. Stay tuned for all the information about promos to help us celebrate.

31 July 2020 – Complete

Credit Hardfork: New coin/daemon name changes from credit to terracredit symbol remains CREDIT. Lower supply, revised mining rewards and the addition of master nodes. Full specs available in updated whitepaper. Swap rate : 1000 : 1 , fixed reward of 20 CREDIT per block, 1 block per 60 seconds, 50/50 split with master nodes. 10% Superblock reward for Governance. Proposals and voting will see TerraCredit turn into a DAO Decentralized Autonomous Organisation that will only produce 1 Billion coins over the next 100 years. 

1 August 2020 – Complete

Credit Hardfork: Is live and swapping to new chain will take place primarily at Terrabit and other major exchanges. There will be a short period of downtime as our partner exchanges update their nodes and the swap should be automatic across all markets, wallets etc. Coinmarketcap and Coingecko will also be updated with the new supply and distribution information. 

1 August 2020 – Complete

TerraCedit Hardfork Swap : Legacy CREDIT Deposit Round – 1 August 2020 | Old CREDIT is swapped to new chain at a rate of 1,000 : 1 in favor of the new chain. Simply send your coins to any participating exchange or Terrabit and the swap is instant. Swap takes place on 1 August and no swap will be honored past that date.

15 August 2020 – Complete

New development roadmap and whitepaper will be released.

7 September 2020 – Complete

zCREDIT launched on mainnet. Hardfork and coin burn 14,500,000.00 coins burned.

30 September 2020

New Decentralized exchange to be launched, with USDT and NGN markets. Cross chain bridge developed linking to dapp chain. Defi and Dapp’s to come soon.

21 December 2020

zCREDIT decentralized wallet launches.

21 February 2021

zCREDIT staking launches.

30 March 2021

Official announcement regarding VISA mobile companion cards.


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