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Community Guidelines

Terra-Credit Is a Community for Everyone

As a privacy-focused organization, Terra-Credit values freedom of speech. As such, we encourage everyone in our community to contribute. Thankfully, this community is respectful of others.  Anyone can help further the network.

Contribute and Earn

Since its earliest days, Terra-Credit has sought to remain an open-source community project. Consequently, our platform reflects the goals of the collective. Every person within the Terra-Credit network plays a vital role with the potential to better the system as a whole.

Democracy the Terra Way

Everyone is encouraged to play a part in the Terra ecosystem. We want to hear your voices. Be sure to vote as much as possible. Voting on issues such as budgetary proposals and what course of future development to follow is crucial in maintaining a democratic platform.

The Terra-Credit Community Provides an Open Discussion as to The Future of this Revolutionary Coin


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