As time rolls on we are slowly getting closer to achieving a full count of validators. However the momentum has slowed.  We are currently at 43/50.

With the above in mind we have recently started a new development branch that will have some key changes that will allow us to leverage the validators we have and get to market a little sooner. The work is still in its early stages but we forecast a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks until we have an alternative design that can go live instantly.

So now we can see a firm roadmap for the launch of CSC that will execute in this 3rd quarter (Before October 2022) with the validators we have. We will keep you updated and announce as soon as we have a working branch, we can use this to train the validators we already have and get things.

Obviously the moment we hit 50/50 we can go live (if its sooner) with the existing branch but we feel its prudent to start working to a plan that has a firm launch date.

In conclusion of the above, the update is this: CSC will launch this q3 2022, within 8 weeks time. Or sooner if we can get to max validators.

On another note:

SpurDex recently launched their AMM Dex on BSC, under my advisement. The simple fact being that it will take  no more than 5 minutes to make CSC the default chain and users will be able to switch between the networks very easily. We felt it was a good idea to get to market and establish a foothold on BSC and start growing their userbase.

SpurDex team and Credit team share a vision, one that is outside of the crypto landscape before you today. We look forward to sharing more and more plans about the future of CSC and the crucial role SpurDex plays in the ecosystem.

So please take to twitter and support our efforts in the current node program, so that we can not only launch with a full 50/50 but perhaps we can even have some candidates in hand. The quality of decentralization will make all the difference if we want to be taken seriously. 

And don’t forget, we removed the word “Terra” from our asset and branding. We are currently redeveloping our website to focus on CSC and we will be launching it on a new URL that does not include the word “Terra”.

A full overhaul is underway and before the end of 2022 we will reach amazing new heights and for good reason. 

Our new Twitter is : @creditweb3

And telegram: @creditweb3