Credit team will launch new “CREFI” protocol soon.

What a crazy time it has been in the markets lately, and its not looking to shape up any time soon. With the market reeling from recent events and an overload of fear surrounding Crypto, we need to find a way to make it through this winter. Credit has the solution, we call it the “CreFi” protocol. 

CREFI is the native token of the Credit Protocol smartcontract deployed on the Binance Smartchain (BSC). CREFI is unique in many ways as it skips out a lot of the complicated steps related to earning through DeFi.

The Credit protocol is an auto-staking, auto-compounding, auto-liquidity, auto-burning token that benefits from an insurance fund and a treasury. 

All you need to do is hold CREFI in your wallet and you will receive 0.02555% profit every 15 minutes. Unlike like yield farming and other staking assets, the staking is done in your wallet. You don’t send the tokens anywhere and you don’t need to do anything to receive profits.

That very generous rate coupled with the many safety and support mechanisms ensure the longevity of the asset by making it rewarding  whilst still ensuring long term price stability. Let’s back this up by taking a look at the tokenomics:

Whenever a user sells CREFI a 16% slippage is applied:

– 4% goes to Auto Liquidity
– 5% are stored in the (CIF) Credit Insurance Fund
– 4.5% goes to Treasury
– 2.5% is burnt in the Burn Box

Whenever a user buys CREFI a 14% slippage is applied:
– 4% goes to Auto Liquidity
– 5% are stored in the (CIF) Credit Insurance Fund
– 2.5% goes to Treasury
– 2.5% is burnt in the Burn Box

In the event of severe negative price impact, the treasury is able to support the CIF with funds to combat the downward trend.

How much can I earn ?

$100.00 invested in CREFI and staked for 12 months consecutively will net you $400,000.00 of $CREFI at over 400,000% APY.*
*Based on the assumption that the price of CREFI is sustained through out the period.

What must I do to earn ?

Nothing, just make sure you hold CREFI tokens in your BSC wallet and the profit is sent to you automatically.

CREFI tokens will be airdropped on 1 July 2022 to anyone who contributes BNB (BSC) to the following wallet :  0x3fa681956beF57670Ba128A42ac3808326acf7a9
i. 1BNB = 1000 CREFI
ii. Deposits are valid until 1 July 2022.
iii. 100% of BNB deposits will be used as permanently locked liquidity.

There will be a free Airdrop to Credit (BSC) token holders, all you have to do is hold.

“I am super excited to launch CREFI on 1 July 2022, we will be focussing on promoting and marketing the fair launch of this exciting new DeFi product as well as continuing our Validator node program. We think that by stepping into DeFi with an official product we can start to attract some new users from the Web3 space. Web3 is where we are positioning ourselves long term, we want to continue building the decentralized Internet.” Daniele Marco Ronchese (CEO)