Credit to develop CSC network, new super low cost ETH side chain to rival all others.

The exciting world of DeFi finds itself nestled in great spot to provide passive income for anyone with the know how. Which is great, but even using the “so called” cheapest networks, the fee’ s are still a major consideration.

Its not that the individual fee is very high but the cost factor is multiplied across all your transactions as a trader, farmer or staker. It all adds up and looking to the future we can see that things will ultimately become untenable.

Lets talk origins for a moment, ETH made it all happen and that caused it moon to the point of becoming almost unusable. Alternatives emerged and now as they absorb part of ETH’s liquidity, they too are becoming unusable. We can cite BNB as an example. Being an ETH side chain it offered the following benefits:

  1. Users have the same key and wallet address across all ETH chains.
    2. The development environment is identical, smartcontract source code is also the same.

The literal like for like replacement with a massive reduction in fee’s saw BNB rise to the top.

An ETH side chain is a crucial piece of the puzzle and a vital component in achieving widespread use of a new smartchain. Mostly for the above points but there are many more benefits.

There are well-established development environments, tools and cross-chain resources that already exist and these can be instantly leveraged.

The AMM Dex economy exists almost exclusively on ETH and ETH sidechains, Like BNB, Polygon etc

We have been working hard to improve the connectivity of our current smartchain and in the process of doing so we have come to the following conclusion.

The aforementioned points are what have led us to develop our own ETH side chain, just like BNB, Polygon etc

This new blockchain will be known as Credit Smartchain aka CSC. It will be ready and live on main net in less than 8 weeks.

CSC will exist in parallel with our current smartchain and there will not be any hardfork or mandatory swap.

We will however use our current BSC Credit token as a means to facilitate our incentivized and totally option preswap. Essentially allowing active community members, with experience on ETH and ETH side chains the opportunity to back this move and profit in the process.

Credit BSC tokens holders will receive 10x new native tokens on CSC main net, once they switch networks to the new CSC main network their balance will show.

Anyone can swap for no charge and receive 10x by participating as described above, its optional and not mandatory. 

User can swap in this manner any time before 31 March 2022.

Because the Credit (BSC token) token exists on an ETH sidechain (BSC), holders will retain the same wallet address on the new CSC blockchain. Which allows us to simply airdrop your new Native Credit tokens to that wallet address.

This interchangeability is going to be the key to our success this year.

What does this mean for users?

Existing holders can swap the current Credit immediately to our BSC token at a rate of 1:1
(Which means you receive 10x new native tokens on CSC mainnet)

How to swap, we will be swapping using this form:

Complete the form by following the process described therein, make sure you have a valid BSC address generated from MetaMask not an exchange.

You can buy BSC token in very limited supply on pancake swap: (Beware of scams and fake news, this is the only link for buying the BSC credit available.)

BSC token contract is verifiable here: and

Contract number: 0x9d440a8dc5ae7dd4f6b406b78340856838c3e5da

You can however use a more familiar interface, like Dextools:
(just click swap and it will aggregate the best prices for you)

Swapping or buying will increase your BSC Credit token balance and this will lead to you receiving new native tokens on that address, when CSC is launched.

If you decide to swap, Please note:

Credit BSC tokens holders will receive 10x new native tokens on CSC main net, once they switch networks to the new CSC main network their balance will show.

Users can also do nothing as we said earlier the current chain will exist in parallel.

Once we establish the cross-chain bridge, both blockchains will be connected and swapping will be easy.
Please note: Future swaps made after 31 March 2022 will only be at a rate of 1:1.

The aim here is to remove coins from circulation over the next two months and drive demand for the ones that remain on exchanges.

What does this mean for exchanges?

Nothing, when CSC is ready they can choose to add CSC as an alternative method or not. But ultimately over time we will work with them to make the inclusion of CSC and CSC based ERC20 tokens a real thing. An exchange may choose to only support thew new CSC chain and in that case your assets will be auto-swapped at a rate of 1:1. Means you do nothing as usual.

This provides further security for current holders, knowing that your asset that you currently hold will be the only tradeable version of Credit and will remain listed at all current exchanges. And should this fact change, then the two assets will be completely fungible in the sense that they are like for like replacements.

To be clear: This is not a hardfork, this is not a forced swap. If you are active and supporting us then you will read this and do they swap to get 10x of the new native token of the much more relevant CSC blockchain.

Important note: Yes, we know. We already have a smartchain and yes its very cost effective. And through CSC it will also be connected to all other ETH sidechains. But CSC gets us to market quickly and provides instant relevance. Easy integration for developers and a world of tools and platforms to connect to. Credit is merely expanding its plethora of decentralized tools and adding huge benefit to our project and Credit.

Our proposition of zero fee’s will see a tidal wave of liquidity flow into CSC and as our users grow, so does demand for Credit be used as GAS.

Credit (CREDIT) will exist on both Credit chain(As it currently does) and CSC (In the future), they will be equal in value and transferrable between networks. CSC will provide a bridge linking it to Credit chain. CSC will also use other multichain bridges to connect CSC to all other major and or relevant ETH sidechains.

Key points:

  1. If you read this and swap to Credit BSC tokens or buy Credit BSC tokens you will get new native tokens at a ratio 1:10 when CSC launches.
  2. The new ETH side chain is called CSC, these tokens will not be for sale anywhere.
  3. Users will need to buy credit at exchanges and then use our easy crosschain swap mechanism to convert at a rate of 1:1 to CSC credit in order to pay for gas etc.
  4. Once CSC is live it lives parallel to our current chain all coins have the same value and swap is 1:1
  5. You can literally do nothing and you won’t lose out on anything other than bonuses, as described in this article.
  6. The new CSC chain will be bridges to ETH all other ETH side chains, Like BSC, TRX, MATIC….. but our removal of fee’s will see huge amounts of liquidity ported to our blockchain and our chain being added to the biggest platforms.
  7. You can add CSC to metamask and store CREDIT for gas etc, you will retain the same wallet address and key across all ETH sidechains, including ETH and CSC as well as BNB for example.
  8. Once your metamask is connected you will be able to connect to remix and develop in a like for like environment, changing only small details that are chain specific.
  9. The new CSC chain will bring millions of users and demand for credit increase exponentially.
  10. The current chain will exist in parallel and we have long term plans to use it for custom blockchain application on large scale applications in the commercial space.
  11. Reasons behind these developments are simple, we like others before us, have realised that the way to the top is to be an ETH side chain that offers a reduction, or in this case a removal of, the cost of fee’s.
  12. We will aim to release the new sidechain in the 2nd quarter of 2022.

Conclusion: Even at $500.00 CREDIT value, we will still be 200x cheaper than using the BSC network right now. It will be just as easy for users and projects to move to CSC as it was when they moved to BSC. This interconnectivity and parallel compatibility will open new horizons for our project.

We know this was never promised but it adds value beyond our previous expectations. And we have built it all at no further cost to the investor. We expect the demand for the current Credit to increase rapidly and any tokens swapped are removed from exchanges, this will drive scarcity and over the next 2 months the price will sky rocket.

If you are tired and fed up then exit asap, this project is driven by individuals with relentless energy and an unfathomable commitment to success. There is not even one single team member who does not belong or share the founders unique vision. All hands are on deck and working overtime, we have never taken a break, not in 5 years and we won’t rest. We have goals and we believe in our destiny. Credit to the top.

We have to keep diversifying until we achieve our goals and our community need to support us and work with us, especially if it costs them nothing and only adds value. You better get yourselves sorted out and ready for a massive push on social media, we will have the bounty to make it worth your while. So get involved in this exciting new direction. Some will argue we are doing exactly what BNB did, and that’s not far from the truth but we are not copying them we merely came to the same realisations they did. We will also have two main net chains and our price market share will grow rapidly.

In closing we want to thank you all for your undying support and to assure you of our commitment to you and Credit (CREDIT) in 2022 and beyond.