We would like to announce the official Credit token on Binance Smartchain (BEP20).

The official token tracker on BSC Scan can be found here: the contract is : https://bscscan.com/token/0x9d440a8dc5ae7dd4f6b406b78340856838c3e5da and the contract is 0x9d440a8dc5ae7dd4f6b406b78340856838c3e5da

Pancake swap offers a decentralized exchange and Credit (BEP20) can be traded for BUSD, please use this link to the official site: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap

To start trading, simply add the custom token : 0x9d440a8dc5ae7dd4f6b406b78340856838c3e5da Credit (CREDIT) Decimals: 18

This is part of a long term strategy to connect Credit with all smartchains that use EVM, we are developing a bridge between Binance Smartchain and many others. We aim to have this all complete before the Elektra upgrade scheduled for later this year.

Credit can be manually swapped for users to the new BEP20 token, you just need a suitable wallet like MetaMask or Trustwallet. Simply drop us an email on [email protected] and expect a 24 hour turn around. NB – If you are unfamiliar with Binance Smartchain, BEP20 tokens or using metamask and or trust wallet then please kindly ensure you are confident and able to manage your new BEP20 assets before you consider swapping. 

In closing we will make a release to advise exchanges on the addition of the BSC network and work with them to support the integration as an alternative means to transact with Credit. Keep a look out as we add more networks and feature in more decentralized exchanges.