Thanks for your patience so far, here are some updates:

1. Coinmarketcap update will be complete from our side this week, which leaves ample time for it to be rolled out live early next month. (If not sooner)

2. We are in the process of adding Credit to Binance smartchain which gives users instant access to Pancake swap.

3. We in the process of adding Credit to Polygon which gives users instant access to Uni swap.

4. We are developing a bridge to facilitate swapping between networks and we plan to include others smartchains over time.

5. We are working on a decentralized hardware wallet solution for credit that can fully replace fiat dependency by allowing for digital payments in a physical environment, we plan to include automatic support for all CRC20 tokens. This technology already exists and by adapting it to Credit we can see a multitude of use cases that further propel mass adoption of credit.

6. We have secretly launched our Blockchain consultancy, it;s called “TokenUP”, it had been planned for later this year but we are in the process of onboarding multiple clients and already have 1 successfully underway. We will be sharing news about the first Dex being built on Credit smartchain soon, we will also share about how we are assisting them and what value their project brings to the Credit ecosystem.

7. At end of the month we are launching “CreditPass” chrome extension wallet that works just like MetaMask but only for Credit. Credit Pass will launch as 99.99% market ready MVP in beta ready to use on Rasputin test network.

As things materialize we will add them to the roadmap, but rest assured we are all working as hard as possible to achieve the very goal we all share. Success of Credit !!!!