We have heard from LAToken, the cost to integrate the new blockchain is $10,000.00 and the cost to swap the new coins is $5,000.00 !

So if you are prepared to donate USDT to make payment of $15,0000.00 to LaToken please use the wallets below :

ERC20 – 0x6e523b79b274d6e7fd0dc108784d48a8a87d717b
TRC20 – TPb1s6YLfM7oVJo8f63KTuk7FXr34zW46b
BEP20 – 0x6e523b79b274d6e7fd0dc108784d48a8a87d717b

That could take a long time, so why not get an account with Sikix.io and deposit your ERC20 tokens and then make use of our swapping mechanism to get swapped 10x to the new native token of $CREDIT blockchain.