Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:08]
Hello everyone,

Glad to be here, same as everyday but we can celebrate for now Credit (CREDIT) smartchain is launched and is in very good shape at the moment.

I would like to start with a quick update on where we are at technically with the new blockchain.

1. The blockchain recently passed 8423 blocks (roughly 17 weeks of production)
2. We have one successful integration and complete swap going live today.
3. We have launched wallet version for all types of pc’s with some bespoke version sin the pipeline.
4. We have Rasputin testnet running parallel to main net.
5. We have developed explorers for main net and testnet.
6. We have developed the correct api for coinmarketcap and will submit our update once swap has concluded.
7. We have completely redeveloped the website terracredit.io
8. We have contacted and received word back from all active partners and we are simply working out the finer details to conclude swap.

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:12]
Next I want to discuss our short term plans for development of Credit )CREDIT).

1. We are in the process of developing a full function web wallet, that allows for full CRC20 and CRC721 support.
2. The web wallet will include delegations to facilitate offline staking.
3. We are working on developing web3 and metamask functionality into a version of the Credit wallet.
4. We will be contacting hundreds of businesses and projects as well as influencers to chat about Credit and explore use cases.

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:14]
Before we open up the group for questions I just wanted to encourage you all positively and to ask very humbly that you bare with us as we execute this mammoth task of swapping. Think of September 2021 as swap month, various partners have different schedules and I make a personal promise to ensure that no one is left out.

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:15]
The group will open shortly, it will be open for up to 5 minutes. I can answer a maximum of 10 questions before my time runs out, but I look forward to doing this much more regularly as my focus on business development takes up more and more of my time that i would have spent on telegram,

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:17]
Group is open !!!

Chinedu, [01.09.21 13:18]
Does it mean those without pc can stake on the webwallet, how will it be possible with delegated pos?

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:19]
[In reply to Chinedu]
Yes, but you will need to delegrate to a superstaker. Its good because you retain your funds, you just use another online full node wallet run by someone else to stake offline. So yeah, web based wallet much like MEW and you done. You can even create, store and manage tokens throught the web wallet.

Bemake, [01.09.21 13:20]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
the web wallet you are about to develop is it going to accommodate any token issue on crc20 and crc721?

MJ, [01.09.21 13:21]
And what are the plans in place for those who dose not have PC but wishes to stake? I heard you have something in mind,could you shed more light?

Joshua Pastory, [01.09.21 13:21]
I have Ben out for sometimes and I would like to see my tokens please how to I do that? Do we have ios app ?

Fezz, [01.09.21 13:21]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
How did the name “sikix” come about? Is there a story behind the name

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:22]
[In reply to Bemake]

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:22]
[In reply to Fezz]
It comes from the Yoruba word, Aisiki, which means prosperity. we actually bought siki.ai as well

Dimitri Russev, [01.09.21 13:23]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]

THREEPLE A, [01.09.21 13:23]
You said first 1 September but there is no any changes in my wallet

LIGHTπŸ’ž, [01.09.21 13:23]
Please for the android user is the swap coins going to show in the old app or we need to update the app if any

LIGHT ADINDU (Actioncoin country leader Nig.|| i will not DM you FIRST, [01.09.21 13:23]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
I love your vibe
As you’re about to lead an innovation in the crypto space has it came to your mind to own your own CMC knowing too well that competitors would distrupte your plans?

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:23]
[In reply to MJ]
the web wallet makes it possible to delegate coins to another superstakler, but mobile staking etc wont be possible unles you use the web wallet via a mobile. which is 100% possible.

Fezz, [01.09.21 13:24]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
OK nice

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:24]
[In reply to THREEPLE A]
When a partner confirms they are complete we will tell you, until then its not done πŸ™‚

GideonGraces, [01.09.21 13:24]
How can we get our own native CRC developed USDT for easier deposit on the new blockchain?

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:24]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
think of this as swap month, in order not stress yourself out.

Joshua Pastory, [01.09.21 13:25]
I have Been out for sometimes and I would like to see my tokens please how to I do that? Do we have ios app ?

THREEPLE A, [01.09.21 13:25]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
Even in your own native wallet

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:25]
[In reply to GideonGraces]
our business development unit will be exploring every possible option.

Mahmud | CREDIT SUPPORT, [01.09.21 13:25]
[In reply to Joshua Pastory]
Send DM

GideonGraces, [01.09.21 13:26]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
Ok sir

Fezz, [01.09.21 13:26]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
At some point in the nearest future, will you add a stop watch timer in the desktop wallet to notify stakers on when their staking rewards will drop in their wallets. No one likes the unknown. It would be nice if the system can project such outcomes for investors

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:26]
[In reply to THREEPLE A]
You can swap to a native wallet if you have a compuyter or server. Thats been going on for sometime now.

~Festival, [01.09.21 13:26]
May I know the difference between the 35% APR and the staking block rewards if there is any because you said staking is now competitive depending on your Credit balance?

Joshua Pastory, [01.09.21 13:26]

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:26]
[In reply to Fezz]
It does not work like that πŸ™‚

MJ, [01.09.21 13:27]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
Interesting ,And this wallet will be build soon enough I guess?

Frankline Chibuike, [01.09.21 13:28]
Noticed a feature of credit coin mixing is it same with Zcredit

AYOOLA FAGUNJADE, [01.09.21 13:28]
[In reply to Credit (CREDIT) Global Updates]
For those of us who still have credit in terrabit.io what do we do pls?

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:28]
[In reply to ~Festival]
Thats correct POS staking is no exaclty like POW mining, but in place of investing money in machinery that is outdated every 6 months. Here you gain hash power or as we call it network weight through coin balance and coin age. So its still fair to an extent but definitely you will have more chances to win with more coins staked and its not predictable, its constantly changing.

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:29]
[In reply to MJ]
yes, possible launch month end.

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:29]
Nothing, just be patient please πŸ™‚

MJ, [01.09.21 13:30]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Kudos

Dimitri Russev, [01.09.21 13:30]
It’s possible to have USD T on CRC-20 ?

~Festival, [01.09.21 13:30]
Will there be a pool staking too?

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:31]
[In reply to Dimitri Russev]
Yes, anyhting that exists on eth network can be recreated on credit in minutes.

Chinos, [01.09.21 13:31]
To is first of September but there is still buy and sell order in terrabit what happens to the buy order after the expiration of the 20.00 he UTC+2?

THREEPLE A, [01.09.21 13:31]
I have credit in your native wallet

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:31]
[In reply to Chinos]
Thats in 4.5 hours

Black, [01.09.21 13:32]
Web wallet…is it something like trustwallet…. can i store different tokens from different chains in there?

Dimitri Russev, [01.09.21 13:32]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
Ok. It will good for our project to pairing credit/usdt CRC-20

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:33]
[In reply to Black]
We considered but no, we will develop exlcusively for credit and crc20. But funny you should mention trust wallet, we are working on an integration with them. We have completed our evaluation and we are ready to move forward once the business development team has opened some doors.

Black, [01.09.21 13:33]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:33]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
Its a case of when not if as we are compatible.

Frankline Chibuike, [01.09.21 13:34]
[In reply to Frankline Chibuike]

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:34]
[In reply to Black]
this will be more like blockchain wallet or MEW

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:35]
More like MEW coz of tokens, but easier coz you can create in the wallet itself

Chinedu, [01.09.21 13:35]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]
If we can have this wallet by month end as you propose then it’ll be a good release to mobile users.

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:36]
[In reply to Frankline Chibuike]
Not really, its present in all coins that are btc forks. its just a way to shard your coins and mix them with others, to hide their destination. we did not develop it, we just carried it thropugh the forking process.

MJ, [01.09.21 13:36]
[In reply to Daniele Ronchese]

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:37]
[In reply to Chinedu]
yes, get more coins out of exchanges and staking πŸ™‚

~Festival, [01.09.21 13:37]
How do you make people believe and come to the realization that Credit staking rewards and transfer costs is the best among all the growing staking coins in the market at the moment.

highVisionNetwork, [01.09.21 13:37]
1. What’s the transaction speed per second of the new Smart Chain. 2. Is there any plan to burn $CREDIT in the future 3. Is there any plan to allocate any % $CREDIT for the project promotion 4. On the scale of 1-100 rate the security of the new CREDIT NETWORK

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:37]
[In reply to ~Festival]
the price speaks for itself and we are 7x faster than eth so faster cheaper sells itself

Eric (Mr2phoenix), [01.09.21 13:38]
Have you talk with existing low fee dex ,like on ftm or polygon , exemple quickswap , spookyswap ,spiritswap ,sushiswap , to try to bring partnership to come built into crc20 ?

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:38]
[In reply to Eric (Mr2phoenix)]
They are all on the list, troday is launch guys and today the work starts

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:38]
Anyway thats many more than 10 I dont even have a free second right now.

highVisionNetwork, [01.09.21 13:39]
5. What’s your motivation and drives that keeps you going on this project so far despite the challenges so far. 6. What’s inspired you for the creation of this project i.e what brings the idea of $CREDIT into existence.

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:39]
I have to go guys, w ewill schedule another soon.

Fezz, [01.09.21 13:40]
[In reply to highVisionNetwork]
It would be nice if you can answer these set of questions

Abiola Francis, [01.09.21 13:42]
what are you planning concerning marketing?

~Festival, [01.09.21 13:44]
How will you make the crypto whales know and trust your securities with $B’s in the staking pools for the network to be stable and grow knowing that recently some Dapps was hacked, Pancakeswap.

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:44]
[In reply to highVisionNetwork]
5. I believe in the concept of decentralization, I believe its more than blockchain its a way of thinking. a new way of thinking that aligns with the age of aquarius we find ourselves in. everyone around the world rebelling, questioning and seeking truth was foretold through the ages and now we see it in effect. people want honesty transparency and integrity above all things. That is decentralization in action, taking power away from central control and giving it back to the individual. Thats why I started a project because I value those principles above all else and I feel that it is what can save us from”The Man” the global elite etc. You know the centralized fiat guys !!!! There generation has an expiry date and let that dinosaur spirit of profit above humanity die with them.

~Festival, [01.09.21 13:47]
Do you have any insurance policies to foster trust and security like Coibase, Nexo …. that will give whales full assurance to invest in long time with Credit? Thank you.

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:47]
[In reply to ~Festival]
thats poor codding on pancakes side, investors never dyor they just buy things. examine the smart contract google for others opinions defi is risky man and defi swap dapps are very dangerous. has nothing to do with the network, its the project coders at fault.

Abd Abd, [01.09.21 13:47]
NFT is getting more popular now a days. It looks NFT has bright future. So do you guies have any plan to include NFT to your project?

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:47]
[In reply to ~Festival]
we are a blockchain not a company like coinbase

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:48]
[In reply to Abd Abd]
does ethereum make nft’s no people make nft’s on ehtereum and companies make nft patforms on ehtereum for ussrs to use

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:48]
We are a blockhain platform

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:48]
We are youtube or facebook, the user makes the content

highVisionNetwork, [01.09.21 13:49]
1. What’s the transaction speed per second of the new Smart Chain.

2. Is there any plan to burn $CREDIT in the future

3. Is there any plan to allocate any % $CREDIT for the project promotion

4. On the scale of 1-100 rate the security of the new CREDIT NETWORK

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:49]
[Forwarded from Daniele Ronchese]
I have to go guys, w ewill schedule another soon.

~Festival, [01.09.21 13:50]
Is is possible to have an insurance policy to help “us ” grow bigger and better than the rest in the future?

Daniele Ronchese, [01.09.21 13:50]
i have overstayed bye