Terrabit is changing to SikiX

The Terrabit brand is being phased out, the web based exchange has reverted to SikiX.io

Its just a change in branding and your terrabit account is compatible with Sikix.io or you can continue using the existing terrabit app and web access terracredit.app with out any disturbances.

We will handle the final account closures in the Terrabit Support group : https://t.me/joinchat/0eTkxxmI9GY1NWVk.

The next time we update the app it will be called SikiX not Terrabit anymore, We were trying to add the exchange to cmc last night until 3:00 am and in the process of filling out the form it made us realize a lot of things. We have some work to do before we can press send on that application. but the good news is none of the work is technical. as you can see here our api is ready : https://docs.sikix.io

We just need to build up our social presence and we have some cool ideas coming soon.

In closing this is a change of name, there is no limiting of access to legacy systems proposed or scheduled we will continue to support the Terrabit products until the phase out naturally. Your Terrabit 2.0 has always been a SikiX account and it has always been compatible. You can continue as normal and change nothing, just dont be alarmed when you see the new SikiX logo on the website.