credit hardofrk advice for exchanges - Updated

The proposed hardfork from TerraCredit (CREDIT) ERC20 token to CREDIT (CREDIT) native token is proceeding as scheduled, the official date for launch of the new blockchain is 1 September 2021.

The asset will change to : Credit (CREDIT) with a new logo/icon :

The new version of CREDIT allows for the creation of CRC20 and CRC721 smartcontracts.

Moving forwards, Credit (CREDIT) total supply will be increased 10x and all ERC20 tokens need to be exchanged at a ration 1:10 (1 ERC20 token = 10 Credit (CREDIT) coins.

All exchange held funds will be swapped in the ratio mentioned above , 1:10.

All ERC20 tokens will be burnt in the public Ethereum burn addresses and we ask that no further support be provided for ERC20 tokens. 

The increase in supply has been created in order to ensure the long term scalability of CREDIT as a low cost smartchain. More information will be released when the blockchain is officially launched on 1 September 2021.

Here is the new source code :

Credit Qt Wallet & Daemon
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Recent commits:

If you have any issues, please contact us at : [email protected] or simply use existing support channels. Early access has been provided to exchanges to allow for integration time.