By Ogechi Nnadi Mbama

Terra-Credit is an alternative to cash & insures 360 Degree security as compared to traditional banking and online modes of payment. Anyone can easily create an account by downloading the software into their devices & start exchanging money around the globe. The money kept in the wallet will earn more coins for you & this owner free bank gives you 100% transparency. The supplies of coins are controlled, so it becomes a method to store wealth like we store gold.

Why everyone uses Terra-Credit :

This platform is user-friendly, rewarding & faster than other cryptocurrencies which make sure it keeps its name at the summit in the tread of crypto-currency. The funds are safe & can be accessed whenever required.

It’s easy to access, understand & operate. A person unequipped with technical knowledge will also be able to use this platform. Credit is supported on a device you already own.

Negligible amount of fee which is $0.00000003 to send money anywhere anytime & even faster than other platforms. It can handle millions of transactions every minute. The future version is proposed to do transactions within a second.

People generate more money automatically if you have money present in Terra-Credit. Users can opt for long-term investment & getting a large amount of interest.

They have a wallet for Windows, Mac, Linux & Raspberry PI users. Users have the option to create a web wallet or a Terabit wallet. Anyone can start using it with an internet connection and Google account.

Stable, Secure & Sound Platform

The platform is highly stable & the value of crypto-currency remains stable therefore similar to any other precious metal. Credit is like a chain of digital signatures, transferring which is signed from owner to owner. Users receiving Credit as payment can verify the signatures to verify from whom they have got the payment. A trusted central authority is also there which keeps records of every transaction & can verify them for users.

Credit uses Proof of Stake which makes the platform transparent and anyone can check how many credits or blocks they own. The block producers are selected based on coin balance and maturity, making the platform predictable.

Terra credit can be bought on following online exchanges; Terabit, Catex, and Bitforex. Users that stake their balance will receive 100% profit annually & long-term investments can also be made. If the balance in the wallet is not used, then after 8 hours it will become staked to the network & users receive rewards of new coins.

Terra-Credit Goal

The unbanked segment comprises at least 2 billion adults, who use smartphones or lack the means to use a bank account. In consequence, a potential US$1 trillion ‘operates’ beyond the traditional global financial system. This all needs to be settled & users should be introduced to the finer financial system that can reward them too.


The user is highly benefitted by the platform & Terra-Credit harbours potential to replace the money in wallets & mobiles. It gives users a magical experience to handle the new financial system, which is a better alternative for them. 1,000,000+ users are already using Terra Credits to do daily transactions.

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