By Ogechi Nnadi Mbama

Terrabit is a highly secure & protected Digital wallet where you can buy, sell, or store crypto or fiat currencies. You can simply start using it by installing the terrabit app into your smartphone.

The platform is designed to keep your money safe & use it whenever you require it. Other than dealing with cryptocurrency you can even receive or pay for a service or a product using the terrabit platform.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a bank account, even then you can send or receive payments as a merchant or a customer using terrabit. This allows all the unbanked users to jump on this platform & start getting benefits because no third party platform is required like banks.

The best thing is that this wallet allows you to earn passive income on the money you have already kept in terrabit. You will be earning from your wallet even when you are doing nothing.

The amazing benefit is that there are 0 transactional fees involved when receiving or sending money. If you want to exchange currency then there are very low transactional fees.

The platform is simple to use & is designed to impart customer-friendly experience. The transactions happen at lightning speed with negligible waiting time.

How to Make an Account & Start working?

Before you can use terrabit registering for an account is a mandatory step. It requires an email address & all other information can be filled under a minute. After registering you will be required to verify your account by clicking on the link sent to your email-id. After verification, you can log into your account & the dashboard will open.

Features of Terrabit Wallet:

The wallet section informs about the amount of all the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Credit, Ether, Litecoin & many more.

When you click on Buy part you can easily select the coin you want to buy and type in the amount you require to directly buy.

The selling section also works similarly, you can select the coin you need to sell & type in the amount.

Whenever you are required to pay for a product or service you have taken, you can send coins to the payee. You can send it to them by writing their email-id, username, or simply scanning QR code.

If you want to know more about the terrabit wallet then you can open frequently asked questions & even create a question if you have in your mind. https://app.terra-bit.io/faq

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