In a world where more and more data is being harvested and sold to the highest bidder, TerraCredit is playing its part in protecting the financial sovereignty and transactional privacy of individuals across the globe. 

Introducing zCredit 

TerraCredit plans to stay on top of privacy trends by bringing anonymity to Credit users.

In a tweet announcing the new feature, TerraCredit said: ”zCREDIT inbound. Get ready for a tidal wave of interest in your coins. zCREDIT works on top off the CREDIT blockchain. It opens up a world of new features, functions, and earning potential.”

The new feature makes transactions on the CREDIT blockchain private. To use the private version of CREDIT, users will need to download the new version of the desktop wallet released on September 4, 2020. zCREDIT is minted inside the application by swapping zCREDITs for CEDIT at a ratio of 1:1.

zCREDITs transactions do not show on the CREDIT blockchain, allowing anonymous and untraceable transactions. People who receive zCREDITs can then swap it for regular CREDIT in the desktop wallet. The feature is now available to all desktop users. 

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Originally by BitcoinAfrica